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DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY, international best-selling author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People said the following about Doug and Destiny Driven:

"When Doug was at Covey, I knew there was something special about him, he had a destiny. Now after reading this book, I can see that it was to help others find theirs. Not only does he inspire and motivate, but he leads by example."


"Doug Wood picks up where Stephen R. Covey and his 7 Habits left off by creating 8 Principles of Personal Greatness--habits or skill he calls the Rules of the Road, and character traits or virtues that he calls the Values of the Road--thus giving us both the why and the how of success to help us live our lives on purpose and with purpose."
Ken Shelton
Executive Excellence Magazine

"Destiny Driven can change your life. This is a book that needs to be read not only by business leaders, but by everyone interested in improving their relationships with family, friends and business associates alike. Once you've read it, you'll see the world through different eyes. Not only is it a great read, but it provides a game plan for achieving a more fulfilling and successful life."

Blaine Hendrickson
Former Chairman of the Board
American Health Care Association

"As a long term client of Doug, he always seemed to ask me the right question at the right time, having major impact on my personal journey. Now Doug is sharing insights from his own journey and those of his many clients and associates. I found his thinking both engaging and thought provoking. For anyone seeking fulfillment and impact in their own personal journey, I strongly recommend Destiny Driven."

W. James Fischer
Retired Senior Partner

"For more than 10 years Doug has effectively helped me to successfully lead my team at Roche Pharmaceuticals. Now I am happy to see that his skills and abilities have been captured in a book that can be a great resource to leaders worldwide. Thanks, or GRAZIE, Doug BRAVO!"

Francesco Frattini, PhD
Director, Healthcare Development and Access
Roche Pharmaceuticals Italy

"Doug Wood is a master teacher! His book, Destiny Driven, is an inspiring, engaging and highly practical book that provides a powerful framework for developing the traits that lead to individual greatness and for leading and influencing others in effective ways. This is a must read for leaders at all levels!"

Shawn D. Moon
Executive Vice President
Franklin Covey

"Destiny Driven outlines the values and captures the inspiration Mr. Wood successfully implanted in my key executives as I sought to raise the level of 'personal best' in our company's leaders. Destiny Driven skillfully encompasses compelling reading while providing constant motivational tips. The interesting and unique concept of describing our personal destiny as encouraging excellence and quality in our actions is the foundation of Mr. Wood's exciting new book."

Joe M. Ausere
CEO, President, Merico, Inc
An Anheuser Busch subsidiary

"Destiny Driven is a beacon to guide a person's choices. The 'Six Constants of the Road,' the 'Eight Rules of the Road,' and the 'Ten Values of the Road' illuminate my options on my personal journey. Destiny Driven is not just a good book; it is a great book. I am forever grateful to Doug Wood for his contribution to my life's journey."

John D. Smith
Retired Managing Partner

"Along the highway of life, it is only too easy to get lost, distracted and discouraged, failing to achieve our life's goals and the greatness we once dreamed of. Through insightful and entertaining stories, Doug Wood, an experienced life coach and leadership training expert helps us see how important it is to take greater control of our lives, thoughts and actions and why we should never leave our destiny to chance. In easy-to-understand terms, he outlines how it is not fate but the choices we make that lead to personal success or failure. Whatever your destiny, whatever has come between you and the future you once envisioned, Doug Wood's powerful book, Destiny Driven will guide you in finding your way back to the Road to Personal Greatness and a more fulfilling and meaningful life."

Poonam Prasad
Prasad Consulting & Research
Fundraising Consultants to Nonprofits
New York

"I have known Doug Wood for a number of years, and it is exciting to see how he has related many of his life's lessons and experiences in his book Destiny Driven. It is a culmination of a life's work of inspiring and motivating others towards their goals. This book will show every reader how to aspire to personal greatness and be destiny driven."

Gary R. Stillwell
President and CEO
Distribution Companies of America