DESTINY DRIVEN: How to Find Your Way on the Road to Personal Greatness

Destiny Driven is now available in hard cover at Amazon and in e-book at Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble. For autographed copies, contact Destiny Driven Consulting directly.

DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY, international best-selling author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People said the following about Doug and Destiny Driven:

"When Doug was at Covey, I knew there was something special about him, he had a destiny. Now after reading this book, I can see that it was to help others find theirs. Not only does he inspire and motivate, but he leads by example."


In the engaging and persuasive styles of Tim Russert's Big Russ and Me and Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Douglas M. Wood lights up the highway of life and takes you on an exciting and exhilarating journey of personal discovery. A road map to help you navigate the twists and turns of today's complex and competitive world, Destiny Driven is the perfect guide for business leaders, seasoned professionals, everyday workers, family-centered parents, young adults just starting out and seniors who feel they are nearing the end of the road of life.

Written from the knowledgeable perspective of a leadership expert, Wood draws on his years of experience teaching organizational strategy and management skills, and growing and leading a multimillion dollar global consulting and speaking business. He asserts that on the highway of life people all too often get lost, distracted, and blindsided, and fail to achieve their life's goals and the greatness they once dreamed of. In this compelling new book, Wood teaches powerful and practical lessons with his insightful and entertaining stories and anecdotes. He explains why you should never leave your destiny to chance. In easy-to-understand terms, he outlines the rules and character traits common among the world's most successful people.

Full of practical examples, compelling stories and life-changing insights, Destiny Driven is the perfect tool to help you in your quest for personal greatness. The six constants, eight rules and ten values presented by Douglas M. Wood will help you address a variety of matters ranging from vexing business problems to difficult personal trials.

The lessons and principles outlined in Destiny Driven will teach you to more skillfully and confidently deal with such critical issues as:
* Taking greater control of your life, thoughts and actions
* Identifying and achieving what's most important in your life
* Improving your most important professional and personal relationships
* Overcoming the challenge of being a victim of other people's poor choices
* Living a more meaningful and purpose-driven life

Don't leave your destiny to chance. Let Douglas M. Wood show you how to be destiny driven and achieve the inner strength and greatness you're looking for in your life. Whatever your destiny, whatever lies between you and success, Destiny Driven is your ticket to finding your way on the Road to Personal Greatness.