A long time associate of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Douglas M. Wood is an internationally recognized expert in organizational leadership and business strategy.

An award winning author, compelling key-note speaker, and adviser on business and personal success, Wood has inspired and motivated tens of thousands of people in nearly three-dozen countries around the world.

He has worked with Accenture, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Boeing, Merck & Co., Hewlett Packard, Citibank, American Airlines, Morgan Stanley, Shell Oil, Brown and Root, Marriott International, the U.S. Veterans Administration, the American Health Care Association, and scores of other organizations, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

He holds degrees in economics and business administration and spent fourteen years as an executive consultant and senior team leader with Franklin Covey.

As a fulltime instructor and adjunct professor of business at the Marriott School of Management, he taught finance, marketing and strategic planning courses for ten years. He also taught full-time at the David Eccles School of Business for three years, which included an assignment with the U.S. Air Force Officers Graduate Program in Germany. He has owned and managed his own sales training and consulting business and managed a large branch office of the Canadian investment banking and brokerage firm Nesbitt Thomson in Vancouver, British Columbia, for several years.

An ardent fitness and self-improvement advocate, Wood strongly believes in the adage, If you want to keep the lamp burning, you have to put oil in it. He is an intense competitor and world-class handball player, having won numerous state, regional and national championships. He is also active in community service and volunteer work. His personal interests include golf, skiing, reading, gardening and traveling.

A husband, father of five, and grandfather of eleven, Wood and his wife, Barbara, reside in magnificent Utah Valley near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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